Improve cash flow with GoCardless for Sage

Collect one-off or recurring invoices via Direct Debit from directly within Sage 50 using our GoCardless for Sage add-on.

Free, for a limited time only

For a limited time only, the GoCardless Sage 50 add-on is completely free. Get in touch now to be sure not to miss out.

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Always get paid on time

Direct Debit lets you take control of when you’re paid – improving your cash-flow, and reducing bad debt.

Collect with two clicks

It's unbelievably simple: just select the invoices you want to collect, and click a button to collect. Done.

Automatic reconciliation

See the status of your payments within Sage. Best of all, reconcile your payments with a single click.

Simple customer setup

Ask your customers for a Direct Debit in two clicks, or integrate with your website.

Unbelievably low pricing

No signup fee, no monthly fees, no hidden extras. Just 1%, capped at £2. Find out more

Get started immediately

Signup and start collecting payment in 60 seconds. No SUN required.

Request Direct Debits from your customers via email

Use the add-on to send your customers email requests to set up a Direct Debit with you.

Choose whether to send branded email requests from our servers or customised requests from your own email address.

Sage setup

Sage payment page example

Your customers authorise Direct Debits on our secure online form

Your customers follow a link in your email request to authorise a Direct Debit on our brandable online payment pages.

We use military grade encryption to keep all our communications secure, so your customers can pay with peace of mind.

Collect invoice payments in just a couple of clicks

It's unbelievably simple: just select the invoices you want to collect, and click a button to collect. Done.

Choose to collect the entire amount of an invoice, or schedule payments to collect an invoice in installments.

Sage installments

Sage reconcile

Automatically reconcile payments with your accounts

The add-on automatically creates sales receipts for each payment and allocates it to the right invoice in Sage.

The add-on also handles reconciliation against your bank statements. It even accounts for our fees.

Sage and Windows logos

Compatible with:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Sage 50 Accounts 2010 onwards. Multi-user licence required.Download user guide

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